Nobility Hill

Nobility Hill I

Description: This prestigious neighborhood looks down upon the rest of the city from a series of high hills. Most of the homes here are expansive Tudor-style manor houses, though there are a few examples of more modern styles, as well. The area is quiet, and save for a few lights on in windows, here and there, the locals seem to be asleep.

In Play: A number of powerful and useful kine dwell in this area. The character’s duty is to occasionally look in on them and, when needed, act as an intermediary (either personally or via Retainers) through which their bribes and other favors can be moved, facilitating the Kindred influence over the city.


Physical: Access –2, Safety +3. Winding roads, high hills and a lack of local points of interest serve to keep out the hoi polloi, but the police are quick to respond to the rare incident here.

Mental: Information +1, Awareness +1. While affluent, the people here are only marginally well informed and tend to assume that they are safe and secure.

Social: Prestige +4, Stability +3. Those who live in this wealthy, law-abiding community are envied by many.

Haven Qualities: Location 2, Security 4, Size 4. While hunting is a bit of a chore here, havens tend to be large and defensible.

Nobility Hill II

Description: Well-lit lanes crisscross this gated community, and the smell of lilacs and pine waft pleasantly from the immaculately manicured foliage. A pair of security officers rolls past in a sedan, the driver speaking into his radio as he slowly takes a corner. Every home is a sprawling estate, with elegant architecture, a perfect lawn and a state-of-the-art security system. An older gentleman sits on his front porch, smoking a pipe. He smiles a bit, and offers a polite nod.

In Play: Three Ventrue — a sire and her two childer — dwell here, and the character is tasked with meeting the needs of their exacting palates once every month or so. They demand beautiful young men and women, all of whom must be able to pass for the regal and affluent, but without any of the inconvenient entanglements that usually come part and parcel with such people.


Physical: Access –3, Safety +3. This exclusive community is tighter than a drum — well lit, with high walls, automated gates, frequent patrols and the best and most modern security systems.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness +3. The residents keep up with the news, and have their own library and school. Furthermore, people pay attention to their surroundings here, attentive to the quality of their community.

Social: Prestige +3, Stability +1. Residence here conveys a measure of status upon a person. However, the residents are, for the most part, only superficially close and are usually more acquaintances than they are friends.

Haven Qualities: Location 1, Security 5, Size 4. Havens here are spacious and safe, but feeding is at a premium.

Nobility Hill III

Description: Wide lanes and lush parks abound in this classy corner of town, characterized by tall brownstone buildings. Opulent bed-and-breakfasts sit alongside the sorts of businesses that open by appointment only, concealing all traces of commerce so as not to offend the sensibilities of the locals. Most of the people around here seem to be professionals in their late 30s and up, though a handful of younger people are also to be seen in the area.

In Play: A Kindred of unknown allegiance is believed to reside somewhere in this area, and the character is commanded to seek out this individual. Unfortunately, the vampire in question is an agent of the mysterious covenant known as VII, and quite adept at remaining hidden until the opportunity to strike presents itself.


Physical: Access +2, Safety +2. This peaceful and accessible neighborhood is located not far out of the downtown area.

Mental: Information +3, Awareness +2. Several of the tenured local university professors reside in the neighborhood, which hosts the city’s Athenaeum, and the wide-open parks encourage a clear view.

Social: Prestige +3, Stability +3. Things are good in this area, and the residents work to keep them that way. Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 4, Size 3. The safe and relatively spacious haven space available here offers many choices for Kindred on the hunt.

Nobility Hill

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