Slums I

Description: A train rumbles by, overhead, dislodging dust and paint and rust. Everything here seems to exist in the shadow of bridges, overpasses and other elevated structures. One in every eight or 10 of the squat apartment houses looks to be derelict, or else overtaken by squatters. Even many of the legitimately inhabited structures have broken or boarded-up windows. The entire neighborhood appears to be the product of a deliberate, years-long campaign of vandalism and economic oppression.

In Play: The character is placed in charge of the local drug trade, to ensure that the appropriate Kindred receive their respective shares of the profits. Interacting with some of the dealers, however, is quite a chore; given their long dominion over the area, they’re very much accustomed to being the ones who make demands, rather than complying with such.


Physical: Access +1, Safety –3. Trains and buses stop in the area, but the wise avoid getting out at said stops.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness –3. This is a good place to hear the word on the street, but a fear-numbed populace has been conditioned to pay no heed to anything that doesn’t directly concern them.

Social: Prestige –3, Stability –3. There is no sense of community loyalty in this violent slum.

Haven Qualities: Location 5, Security 1, Size 3. If a Kindred is willing to exist without any reliable safety measures, she can enjoy prodigious opportunity for feeding and quite a bit of living space.

Slums II

Description: Tall, old apartment buildings close in on all sides in this claustrophobic neighborhood. Even the narrow streets feel like alleys. Networks of fire escapes obscure the night sky, and there is a persistent smell of waste and old trash coming from between and behind the buildings, and from the backed-up sewer system. People tend to hustle past, keeping their eyes averted from strangers, and no one’s voice climbs above a whisper in the streets.

In Play: Illegal dogfights in the basements of some of the tenement buildings are a popular form of entertainment for several of the local Carthians and Invictus, and the events are considered a sort of time of truce, during which the two normally opposed factions might conduct diplomacy. The character is tasked with making certain that these dogfights continue without interference from the law or from any meddlesome Kindred.


Physical: Access –2, Safety –3. It’s hard to navigate the slums, which are perilous for even the most stalwart.

Mental: Information –1, Awareness –3. The populace here is kept ignorant and unaware through fear of violence.

Social: Prestige –3, Stability –3. People here are assumed to be either the perennially downtrodden or else deplorable sorts of criminals, and that assessment is largely a reasonable one.

Haven Qualities: Location 5, Security 1, Size 3. It’s easy enough to take over an abandoned tenement here and to feed freely on the locals, but there’s little in the way of security to be had.

Slums III Description: Hills rise and fall in this neighborhood, which is laid out on jagged, labyrinthine angles. Most buildings are three-story apartment houses, though some have first-floor stores. Other businesses are located in squat, ugly buildings of brick or cinderblocks. Only a few stores are open now, their façades illuminated by garish neon lighting. Several pops sound faintly in the distance, followed by the screech of tires on asphalt. A dog starts barking.

In Play: The character must take control of the abundant criminal element in the area. Clashing gangs make the neighborhood an unreliable resource and could soon result in a police crackdown, further devaluing these slums for Kindred purposes. Rival gang leaders must either be brought under a single banner, or else disposed of.


Physical: Access +1, Safety –1. The neighborhood is poorly designed, but accessible. Still, the criminal element runs rampant here, and while most violence targets other gangs, bystanders are by no means safe.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness –1. Word of mouth travels quickly in these parts, but many of the savviest locals turn blind, deaf and dumb whenever ignorance seems prudent.

Social: Prestige –1, Stability –1. Recent escalations in gang violence have destabilized this unsavory — but once reasonably tight-knit — neighborhood.

Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 2, Size 3. An enterprising Kindred could cheaply rent (or purchase) one of the slightly better and more secure apartment buildings for use as a home and base of operations.

Slums IV

Description: Dirty water laps along a dingy shore, littered with detritus ranging from car tires and broken household items to drug paraphernalia, spent condoms and a few scattered bullet casings. Ramshackle homes slouch along the side of the street opposite the beach wall. A small pack of semi-feral dogs skulks through the shadows of the waterfront, tipping over a trash can and rooting around for food.

In Play: The character is ordered to make certain that this area remains exactly as it is, or, better still, descends even further into poverty and hopelessness, so as to drive the property values through the floor. Unfortunately, the character is not alone in this endeavor. A small, well-hidden covey of Kindred claiming allegiance to Belial’s Brood has the exact same idea, though for very different reasons.


Physical: Access +1, Safety –3. A bus route runs along the beach, but no one who has any other choice willingly gets out here.

Mental: Information –3, Awareness –3. An abiding apathy, born of equal parts fear and desperation, keeps the people from thinking too much, and they tend to avoid considering their dismal surroundings.

Social: Prestige –3, Stability –4. This slum is practically a forgotten little anarchy shoved against the edge of the water and banished from the city’s thoughts.

Haven Qualities: Location 3, Security 1, Size 3. While sustenance and good-sized havens are easy to come by, no one — not even a vampire — truly feels safe here.

Slums V

Description: While this slum is run down and generally impoverished, there is a pervasive feeling of renewal here. People are walking around, even at this time of night, and seem devoid of the sense of paranoia and fear that one commonly attributes to such a downtrodden neighborhood. The sidewalks and small parks look clean, if not carefully maintained, and the closely packed homes appear well taken care of.

In Play: A charismatic local has begun to organize the populace into community groups, admonishing them to take back their neighborhood and to take pride in it. The character is commanded to quash this inconvenience. Even murder is acceptable, so long as the Masquerade is maintained and the character does not inadvertently create a martyr.


Physical: Access +1, Safety +1. Easily reached by both public transportation and car, this slum is gradually turning itself around.

Mental: Information +1, Awareness +3. Locals are taking pains to improve both the local school and library, and people are paying attention to what transpires here.

Social: Prestige –1, Stability +3. While this is a lowerclass neighborhood, the people have genuine solidarity.

Haven Qualities: Location 2, Security 3, Size 3. Feeding is becoming increasingly difficult here, due to the neighborhood watch, but havens tend to be spacious and secure.

Slums VI

Description: Most of these duplex homes are badly in need of a new paintjob. Eaves sag under the weight of years and weather damage. The people, too, seem to sag under a heavy burden. Hardly anyone takes notice of a man inflicting a savage beating on a woman attired as a low-rent prostitute, and no one moves to stop him. A small-time drug dealer openly hawks his wares on a corner.

In Play: The local leadership of the Ordo Dracul has a keen interest in this area, for undisclosed reasons. The character is to allow them access to the slums, but also to ensure that they pay the required tithe. In no case is he to interfere in their work, whether to aid or to hinder them.


Physical: Access –1, Safety –3. This slum is a bit remote and very much unsafe.

Mental: Information +1, Awareness –1. While one can hear the talk on the street here, much goes on that is obscured from sight.

Social: Prestige –2, Stability –2. This slum is just a bad place to live.

Haven Qualities: Location 4, Security 2, Size 4. Whole buildings can be acquired cheaply and moderately well secured, providing access to good hunting.


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